Do you have Arthritis in the Hip or Knee?

Arthritis occurs when cartilage at the ends of your bone is broken down. Cartilage provides a smooth, gliding surface for joint motion and acts as a cushion between the bones. Arthritis is a joint disease that worsens over time. Joint pain and stiffness may become severe enough to make daily tasks difficult.

Discovery Clinical Trials in Stone Oak is now conducting a research study to help find a solution for Arthritis pain in the knee and/or hip.

If you meet the following criteria you may be eligible to participate:

  • Between 40-95 years of age
  • Experiencing moderate-severe pain in the knee and/or hip

Participants in this study may receive:

  • Compensation for time and travel up to $1200
  • Study-related medications
  • Study-related examinations.

Questions about this study?